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Metroshade :: Seamless colour integration

31st October, 2017

A fabric collection designed to seamlessly integrate with your interior colour palette.

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New campaign revealed and fabrics that continue to inspire

1st March, 2017

We’ve had an incredible response to our ‘Bringing Fabrics to Life’ campaign and are excited to share with you our latest 2017 series

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Launch into 2017 with Texstyle's One Collection

2nd February, 2017

The new One Collection from Texstyle affords a new level of simplicity and elegance for Blind Manufacturers.

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Introducing the Tusk Collection

23rd January, 2017

Introducing Texstyle's new Tusk Collection. Tusk features a refined textural finish and a contemporary, highly-adaptable colour palette.

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2017 – What an incredible year!

8th December, 2016

Thank you for your continued support for an exciting 2016. Dates for your diary also included in this newsletter.

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Exciting new additions to One Screen

16th November, 2016

Texstyle Australias successful One Screen Collection is bursting onto the summer scene with 4 exciting new colours being introduced for the upcoming season.

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The new Serengetti is just the beginning

6th September, 2016

The relaunch of our stunning new Serengetti Collection is the first of 3 exciting new fabric releases from Texstyle throughout September and October.

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The New Serengetti Collection

30th August, 2016

A new renaissance is upon us... The new Serengetti Collection has arrived. This timeless fabric has been brought to life with the addition of seven elegant colours to the existing range.

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