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Texstyle :: 2013 Fabric Trend Forecast

1st November, 2012

Texstyle's 2013 Collections will offer exceptional colour, texture and finish with the finest in weave quality and longevity. With refreshed ranges, additional intricate jacquards and overall refinement, you can rely on Texstyle for the first word on the latest Australian colours and trends.

For our forecast we have focused on establishing an integral link from the vast Australian landscape to our homes with natural earth tones and textures. We further explore the different elements of the interior space by offering fabrics that reflect our environment. 

Fresh and natural hues of chalk, shell and almond offering subtle colour contrasts with organic form. This palette is simple, harmonious and classic.

Tones of soft grey help to create open, clean and refined spaces. Contrasting textures of smooth and distressed surfaces such as concrete, coal and driftwood have a distinctly weathered and raw appeal.

Calming and muted hues of smoke, oyster and blush add a decorative touch to the comfort of your interior space. The palette is sophisticated and serene, and available in a selection of matte and shine yarn combinations.

Undulating fabric textures create depth and warmth with perfect expression of the earth's natural hues in comforting tones of pumice, bark and expresso.

We will be sure keep you informed of our 2013 releases, in the meantime you can take a look at Texstyle's current collections.

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