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Perfect Presentations from Texstyle

3rd June, 2014

Texstyle's new Fabric Display Stands are now available and are a fantastic way to showcase the collection. They;

•  Are an excellent way to view all Texstyle fabrics in both blockout and light filtering
•  Designed to provide large pieces of fabric so your clients get a better idea of how the fabric
   will look in the home, something a swatch does not provide
•  Allows you to view a light filtering or sunscreen fabric through a showroom window,
   giving a true view through the fabric
•  Can be easily dismantled to be packed flat
•  Have lockable casters and when required they can be easily moved around any showroom space
   with minimal effort
•  Only take up a 70 x 70cm area and exhibit 13 pieces of fabric
•  The simplicity of the design, light weight and ease of putting the stands together makes them
   perfect for exhibitions
•  Come supplied complete with neatly cut and sewn fabric hangers that allows you to showcase
   every Texstyle fabric

Contact our head office on 02 9729 9970 or your sales manager to order yours today - and guess what, these are supplied and installed FREE to all Texstyle clients!

Texstyle launch new Collection Folders

With the collection's recent expansion, Texstyle have launched NEW Collection Folders that can't be denied a second glance in the street. Specifically designed to be extremely compact with a soft handle, they are extremely robust yet lightweight, and are supplied with a shoulder bag to make transportation and preservation of the folders even easier. Packed full of new designs, Texstyle's new Collection Folders are fresh, sophisticated and represent the high quality product and service we provide.

Contact us to receive a new Collection Folder today. 

Helping You With Point of Sale Kits

Did you know that Texstyle have point of sale material available for customers? As well as sampling, you can access postcards and A4 stands showcasing our Bringing Fabrics to Life campaign for your showroom. Texstyle's Bringing Fabrics to Life campaign engages the consumer with innovative, tactile and imaginary fabric experience. It tells a story and visually commutes how fabric really does transform our homes and brings the interior space to life. 

For more information, send us an email, or contact your sales manager today.

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