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TREND ALERT – Grey, The New Neutral

1st July, 2015

TREND ALERT – Grey, The New Neutral

Over the last few years we have seen the colour grey in the spotlight of the fashion runway and presented as the new neutral. Slowly filtering it’s way into interiors and home accessories, we see this trend remaining a strong contender in the interior decorative spectrum. It’s undoubtedly now the go to neutral and Texstyle have got it covered.

The beauty of this shade is its versatility. You can keep your greys warm, with yellow and brown undertones to compliment timber and stone, or cooler greys with pinks and blues mixed in to work back perfectly with concrete and metal finishes.

You can use grey in various ways to create distinctly different looks. Build multiple layers of grey hues to create a sophisticated and soothing monochromatic look or incorporate grey in a feature piece to pop and stand out.

We guarantee you won’t regret choosing grey for your next job. It will transform the space into either dark and dramatic, soft and serene, or anywhere in between.

For more information on Texstyle new neutral options, head to our fabric collection index.

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