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Have you checked your fabric's certification?

6th December, 2011

Not all sun screen fabrics in today's market meet minimum safety certification requirements. It's important to check these specifications before making your next purchase. Doing so ensures you are selling a product that's low in VOC emissions (contains no chemicals harmful to humans), is ecologically friendly and is ethically and responsibly manufactured.

Texstyle’s screen manufacture partner Aplus meets these requirements with critical endorsement from the following international testing authorities:

Industry experts in testing for volatile organic compounds.

Tests for indoor air quality and exposure to harmful chemicals and pollutants, and ensures products are safe for school and hospital usage.

Provides a comprehensive knowledge base of eco-friendly products.

December Operating Dates

We strongly advise all urgent orders are placed well in advance of these dates to avoid inconvenience caused by the inevitable delays with freight during the peak season.

Closing:  Wednesday, 21st December 2011
Re-open: Tuesday, 3rd January 2012 

Interstate: Last day for collection Tuesday 20th December
Metro Melbourne: Last day for collection Wednesday 21st December

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